Hey there! I’m Joanna, but you can call me Asia – that’s short for Joanna.

To tell you a little about myself – I’m originally from Poland but I’m living in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands at the moment. I moved there last year and finished university, where I studied Philosophy, in the meantime. I have two dogs – an English Setter, Pebble, and a Podenko, Nike. What I enjoy doing in my free time is: reading non-fiction books, as well as taking analogue pictures, and learning new things.

The reason I’ve become a teacher is that until I was in 4th grade, I struggled with my English a lot. Then, at some point, it just ‘clicked’ for me and I started to understand and become really good at it. From then on, I’d spend literal hours a day sitting in front of my 2.5kg Oxford dictionary and studying grammar.

Needless to say, it became my passion and I realized that I’d like to share it and my enthusiasm about English with others.

That’s also why I’m hoping to turn your struggles or dislike towards English into both excitement to learn more about it, as well as enjoyment + effortlessness of studying it!

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