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Hello! I am teacher Ali. I’m a native English-speaking teacher from South Africa and I love working with people.

I know how to speak English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa, which are local official languages in South Africa, so I understand the difficulty in getting to learn another language.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Transport Economics and two diplomas in Project Management. My working career spans over more than 24 years in the sales logistics and freight industry.  During my business career I have had to train, teach, and do presentations to fellow colleagues as well as outside stakeholders.

I would like to help you in your business career where I shall teach you how to draw up email contracts service level agreements, and with general communicative English in the workplace or whether it be for an interview. I love being able to assist therefore I feel it’s essential that I transfer the skills that I have learned and acquired over the years and transfer them to you to help you become more successful either in your work career or in your business venture.

I’ve also taught during Sunday school at my church and teaching young learners has taught me to understand their needs and wants. I can address their needs requirements and act and deliver accordingly.

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