I have just completed my TEFL course and am very excited to start my journey teaching English. I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I love being outdoors, spending time camping at the beach, I also love animals, and have a pet dog and cat. Downtime, I am watching Netflix, chilling, and browsing on the internet.
I worked for 14 years for an internet company as a team manager. I worked with young people ranging from 18 years upwards. One of my duties as a team manager was coaching, teaching, and mentoring my staff on their key performance areas in the business. December 2021, I was retrenched due to the restructuring of the company vision. I turned that experience into a positive and studied TEFL.
During my work experience, I realized that I enjoyed coaching, mentoring and teaching was my passion, it brought me such satisfaction in my position as a team manager and was the most rewarding part of my duties. For the last 2 years, I worked remotely from home and my staff enjoyed our sessions.
Give me a chance as a new teacher, we will learn together. I am not limited to 18 years plus students, the course that I completed has taught me how to manage and teach younger learners. I will learn from you and you from me. I have a positive, exciting, and fun demeanor and would love to go through this journey with you. My experience, in general, will assist me in teaching you English and together we will grow and learn.

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